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Packageman provides two services:

* Ecommerce fulfillment

* Same-Day Delivery

We fulfifill and ship orders to all 50 US states as well as international addresses

We ship from a warehouse located in Belleville, New Jersey.

We ship every order on the same day. Any order that comes in by 12 noon is filled and shipped that day. Any order that comes in during Saturday and Sunday is filled and shipped on Monday. If you require a later cut-off time, this may be accommodated.

Our cutoff time for Same-Day Delivery is 12 noon. Any order that comes in by 12 noon with our Same-Day Delivery method request is filled, shipped AND delivered on the same day, Monday- Friday. Any order that comes in with Same-Day Delivery request during the weekend is delivered on Monday.

We ship with all major carriers, such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS, as well as shipment consolidators, such as APC, in order to save YOU on shipping cost.


Yes, we have lucrative discounts with shipping carriers, and we pass those savings on to our clients

No. We have lucrative shipping discounts with carriers, and we pass those savings on to our clients.

We believe that every entrepreneur deserves a chance. So though we do generally have minimum order requirements, we also offer generous grace periods for those companies that may be just starting out and need a little time to get there.

Though, our main function of operations is B2C order fulfillment, we can indeed also handle any B2B fulfillment necessary for our clients operations.

Yes. We are a full service 3PL, and will take care of everything related to your merchandise and orders from A to Z. You can think of us as your own in-house fulfillment warehouse where your instructions are followed step-by-step.

Yes. We will assign you a dedicated Account Manager that will be available to you via mobile phone and text message throughout business hours.

We do not take alcoholic beverages and perishable goods. Other than these two exceptions, we work with all product groups.

Yes. You are free to use your own account, but in most cases our clients prefer to ship with Packageman’s account, as we have lucrative discounts with shipping carriers.

Setup and shipping can be done within one day once we have all the necessary information and products from you.

There are multiple reasons why outsourcing your warehouse is vital in today’s ecommerce world.


1-) Every moment you spend packing an order, your competitor spends getting more customers and growing their business.


2-) Outsourcing warehouse operations is generally less expensive than maintaining your own warehouse. Shipping costs, rent, and staffing fees are usually higher when you keep this in-house.

3-) Fulfillment is our business. When you put your order fulfillment into the hands of seasoned professionals, you have the added benefit of using their expertise to your advantage.

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